"We are what we repeatedly do. 

Excellence, then, is not an act

 but a habit" Aristotle

1. Lean Management




Society calls for more transparency, higher quality and reduced lead time. Politicians ask for less spending. According to the researchers Koskela, Howell (2002), Project Management based on the Critical Path Method is obsolete. The solution is called Lean Construction.

Hegel said that reality is in constant change. Nowadays, we´re living in exponential growth (see Did you know?). Therefore, only flexible systems that can adapt to this changing world will survive.

Lean Management, Six Sigma, Business Process Management, Theory of Constraints, Agile, Coaching, IT, etc… are methodologies applied in any industry: manufacturing, construction, healthcare, logistics (e-commerce), software, communications…People use   terms: lean journey, business process management journey and coaching journey. Which should we choose?

Making a robust system fail-safe is not the solution, since people always make mistakes. Steven Spears, MIT professor and expert in lean management, says that we need systems that detect and solve problems quickly. In addition, we should communicate this information throughout the corporation. Toyota and other corporations promote  the role of coaches and mentors inside the company to “learn by doing”. Mistakes are opportunities to improve, we should not hide them.

The information included on this website tries to illustrate tools according to this last idea.

How to reduce costs by 10-20%, improving quality and safety by shortening the deadline; that is, benefiting all stakeholders on the building site?

  • Cost Loading
  • Encourage continual improvement
  • Standardize operations
  • Order, clean and maintenance of the construction site
  • Plan in a collaborative way using Last Planner
  • Strive to meet planning deadlines
  • Site visits with the aim of creating value
  • Use technology to optimize the flow: websites, smartphones, etc...
  • Management by objectives
  • Monitor time in all activities

The above steps are part of Lean Project Management.

If you want to know more, I encourage you keep on reading. Lean philosophy can also be applied to our personal challenges. Begin with the conclusion and enjoy.
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