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I´ve been involved in the construction field since childhood. My father, Antonio Bach, was a truck driver and I remember spreading asphalt in the Cadí Tunnel with him. He was smart and became an entrepreneur; he created an earthworks company during the boom of the Olympic Games in 1992. Its name was TRANSARIDS S.L. I worked in this company when I was a teenager during the summer holidays.

I was a good student and wanted to study Economics, but he advised me to study Civil Engineering. My father died in a traffic accident during my first year as a student. I will always be grateful for his insistence on my studying engineering.

My career in the construction industry began after my degree, but before that I completed a dissertation on Logistics Distribution of Goods in the old town of Barcelona with Dr. Juan Pablo Antun, where I acquired knowledge of management and learned to develop project research. I have been involved in more than twenty projects related to the public sector: street management, roads, car parks, warehouses, the underground system…

I decided to do a Masters in Operations and I was thrilled with the Masters Programme in Supply Chain Management at the Catalan Institute of Logistics. When I finished I asked for an extended leave of absence in the company where I worked and in 2009, together with my wife I spent a year in Galway (Ireland).

In February 2010, I discovered the lean construction reading The Toyota Way and surfing on the Internet. I already knew the principles of  lean management, but the spur was this important book. I decided to try luck in Spain. Due to the crisis, I could no longer return to my former employer. Instead, I had more time to pursue my research interests. In April 2010, my great friend Ferran Tognetta ( ) advised me to build my website. It was a lean tool, facilitating the flow of information and I finished it in May 2010. 

Similarly, I have always been interested in personal development and religion. For example, I practise meditation and I guess the website has been a result of my personal knowledge, lean philosophy and my experience in construction. I´ve been really lucky to work with excellent professionals and friends, such as Civil Engineers Antonio Delgado and Santiago Clemente.

In late 2010 I began to work as a consultant with a pharmacy wholesaler (I´m very grateful to his CEO, Jordi Cebrián) to improve his company’s operational processes and I proposed a Lean Construction Course in the Catalan Association of Civil Engineers. I knew that this was a challenge, but I was aware that one learns by doing. We had previously tried to arrange a conference on Lean Construction, but without luck.

I also started excellent courses at the Emotional Education Foundation (FEM) in Barcelona, where I´ve acquired knowledge as a trainer in emotional education.

When you start something new, you have to feel confident and to trust. You will find the teachers you need during the journey. I met great professionals and great people like Andres Martin, chairman of the FEM, Florian Mueck, a teacher of rhetoric, and Gabriela Sobel, a coach who gave the course I followed in NLP.

In March I attended the First Congress on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations which took place in Lleida (Spain) and I gave a lecture at the First Meeting of the Spanish Group for Lean Construction in April 2011.

In the end the course in the Catalan Association of Civil Engineers didn’t happen . It was cancelled due to low numbers. Thanks to Association  and Antoni Batlle, for his cooperation.

I´m very grateful to Josep Segura, and his collaboration from February 2010 until now. I appreciate as well the files that Alan Mossmann sent me, together with his emails and the meetings I’ve been able to have with my professional colleagues, for their time and the interesting issues we shared: Joan Manel Borràs of Tauicesa, Albert Cots of Cots i Claret, Jordi Azlor of Acsa-Sorigué, Marc Solé of Cedinsa, Juan Peset of Comsa, Roberto Charrón of Lean Project Consulting, Frederic Sabrià of Iese, Sergi Romera, Martí Broquetas, David Sunyer, Marc Grau…

I cannot forget the coaches Lola Gonzalez, Eduard Veros, Ingrid Ferrer, Juan Carlos Oliver, Laura Mari and the lean consultant Francisco Gil, together with all the professionals who authorized me to post their articles on the web. Nor the great coach and clown, my wife Rosa Maria Guijarro. Sharing life with her is a transformative experience.

To cooperate and to integrate teams in order to achieve goals is the best tool towards long term improvement.

Thanks to you all.

May 2011

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